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How to clean paint stains?

How to clean paint stains?

Paint stains are terribly difficult to clean and remove, especially on concrete surfaces. In addition,

How to clean paint stains?

it is impossible to clean paint stains when they have already dried, so cleaning tasks can become a real ordeal. Cleaning paint stains using conventional cleaning products is not an option, since these will not remove the stains. So if I find myself in this situation, what should I do? The answer is simple: trust SCS Group.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we are experts in the eradication of paint stains in recently painted offices, businesses, establishments, or buildings. How do we do it? We explain it below:

How to clean paint from the floor?

When the walls of a room are painted, the floor is the first thing that gets stained if we have not previously protected it with newspaper or plastic. Paint stains will not go away no matter how much you rub them with a scourer. Use a common stain remover. So how can you clean paint off the floor?

If the stain is already dry, the traditional method is to use a putty knife to scrape the paint off the floor, taking great care not to scratch the surface (especially if the floor is parquet or wood). For this task, use concrete metal spatulas. After that, there may be a few remains and we can easily remove these thanks to a simple damp cloth. However, there are more sophisticated methods that prevent the flooring material from being damaged: heat guns. Through them, the stain is softened, and, once softened, it will pass a damp cloth over the area to remove the paint stains.

If the spatula is not enough, administer a little special solvent to weaken the stain.

How to clean paint from wood?

Wooden floors, doors, frames, furniture, shutters… There are many wooden surfaces that are susceptible to paint stains, and if they are not treated carefully, it is very easy to damage the wood, either by lightening or darkening the surface or scratching it. . For example, solvents with alcohol can damage wooden doors, so we do not recommend their use at all. But then, how should these paint stains be cleaned?

The first thing is to use special solvents that do not contain alcohol. So as not to damage the wood finish. Turpentine also works, although it should be used with care and moderation.

How to clean paint from clothes?

Cleaning paint stains from clothing or any fabric (carpeting, rugs) is undoubtedly a delicate process. Since, if the right products are not used, the fabric can be damaged. Ideally, clean stained fabrics as soon as possible, always avoiding washing them with other fabrics not stained with paint.

If the washing machine is not an option, then what do I have left? Easy: acetone, although this should be done with caution. It could damage the garment if you don’t know how to use it. The idea is to fill a container with acetone diluted in water and move the affected garment. The process can take several hours, so if the time is not well calculated, the garment will be damaged.

Turpentine is another more traditional option. Simply spray the affected parts with turpentine. After a few minutes, we scraped the stain with a spatula and that’s it.

How to clean paint from glass?

Glass and other glass surfaces are delicate too. If you don’t clean paint stains delicately, you can end up cracking the glass. To remove paint stains from the glass you can use white spirits or solvents with a low level of alcohol and rub the surface with a damp cloth. When most of the paint is gone, a standard glass cleaner will give the surface a good clean.

Features SCS Group Integrated Services to clean paint stains

At SCS Group Integrated Services we know how to remove paint stains from any surface without damaging its material. We have a wide range of products that respect materials and specific tools to eliminate any trace of paint. If you need us to come to your office, business, or establishment to clean the remains of paint from the floor, windows, carpets, and so forth, contact us. We’ll leave everything sparkling clean!




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