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How to clean windows and glass at height: procedures and tools

How to clean windows and glass at height: procedures and tools


window cleaning

Today, buildings are getting taller, especially in large cities that have large windows and glass that must be cleaned from time to time. Here the height complicates its cleaning.

Obviously, to keep them in perfect condition, the ideal is to hire the services of a company specialized in cleaning windows that, besides having the experience, also knows perfectly well which are the best systems and tools for it. If you want to do it on your own, we leave you all the information.


  • 1 How to clean windows and glass?
    • 1.1 Cleaning of windows and glass with a pole
    • 1.2 Window cleaning with a lift
    • 1.3 Window cleaning with harness
    • 1.4 Window cleaning with gondola
    • 1.5 Safety first
  • 2 Professional window cleaning in Sydney.
    • 2.1 Cleaning prices

How do you clean windows and glass?

The first option that we recommend for carrying out any of these tasks is that you hire a professional cleaning company like ours by requesting information through our side form. It is the easiest way to achieve these perfect tasks without further problems.

The procedure to clean the glass of a building’s facade will depend on how high and accessible they are. And it is not the same to clean:

  • some very dirty three-story windows
  • gleam a skyscraper made entirely of glass.
  • large crystals than small crystals
  • if the crystals have traces of lime
  • whether they are internal or external windows (you have to clean the outside or we fixed windows that do not open) like the ones we usually find, for example, when cleaning offices in Sydney.

High-rise window and glass cleaning with a pole

Currently, we can find very long poles that can even reach 20 meters in height. Many of them have a system that takes the water to the end where the brush is located. The brushes incorporate open but soft bristles, so they do not scratch the glass. And the water that is usually used is ozonated or pure to carry out deep disinfection to avoid leaving marks on the glass. With this, it will not always be necessary for workers to carry out the work hanging from the facade. As long as we can do it from the ground, it will not be necessary to resort to it. With which we avoid risks.

Window cleaning with lift

The elevators are cranes that have a long arm that can extend to quite considerable heights, being able to reach up to 24 meters. One of the most used methods to easily enter landscaped areas and areas that present certain access difficulties. The advantage is that they can move both vertically and horizontally, allowing the worker to clean large windows and control everything perfectly from below with remote control.

Harness Window Cleaning

The worker hangs down through the glass facade from the roof of the building, remaining suspended. Although sometimes they may have a mobile platform to leave some utensils. A procedure that is only used on those occasions when it cannot be done in another way because of accessibility problems since it is the most dangerous. For this reason, the operator who performs it must always have adequate training in occupational risks and have approved elements and fastening points.

Gondola window cleaning

Gondolas are basket-shaped platform that hangs in the air so workers can clean them as they move along the rails. In this way, they can move without problem both vertically and horizontally. A very common procedure in modern buildings is that we make entirely the facade of glass. In fact, many buildings of this type already have a factory-integrated system to suspend the gondola.

Safety first

If you have thought about carrying out any of these services on your own, you should know that you can rent the material and machinery necessary to carry out the work, but you should know that it is a risky activity with dangers that exist and have been to consider a series of regulations on safety and prevention of occupational risks. Any professional cleaning company must have specialized operators, duly trained and uniformed to respect all security measures in this case. In addition, you must have civil liability insurance that covers any incident that may occur.

Remember that it is dangerous and you have to comply with the regulations besides having compulsory insurance 

Professional window cleaning in Sydney.

If after reading our entire article, you are clear about how a high-rise glass or facade cleaning service is carried out, you can contact SCS Group Integrated Services in Sydney so that we can carry out your cleaning of difficult access. We have all the high-rise window cleaning systems necessary to guarantee a perfect result up to 25 meters high, as well as the most complete set of devices for cleaning hard-to-reach windows.

Cleaning prices

Although it seems like a service that can be expensive, the rates will surprise you that Mega service has to perform our services in Sydney. As we must personalize each budget to show the material, machinery, and operators needed, fill out our form on the side and we will be happy to offer you our services.



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