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Office cleaning: how does workplace dirt affect your employees?

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Office cleaning: how does dirt in the workplace affect your employees?

Commercial cleaning in Brisbane is one of the many services that we offer at SCS Group Integrated Services. Having an office cleaning service is essential for your workplace. Since a properly clean and sanitized work environment will undoubtedly improve the productivity of your employees. Otherwise, they will not work at ease or be able to concentrate on their tasks. If your workplace does not have the services of an office cleaning company. Then we will give you a series of reasons it is necessary to hire them:

1- Dust from desks and furniture increases allergies and discomfort

Dust is one of the main enemies to be beaten by office cleaning services. The reason? Simply: dust hampers your employees’ ability to work. On the one hand, those with allergies will develop physical and mental discomfort that will prevent them from concentrating and working comfortably. Since dust-triggered allergy attacks closely resemble the symptoms of the common cold. Not cleaning the dust from desks, computers, and other furniture can affect the health of your employees.

Your employees may feel that you don’t care about them. Working in an environment full of dust is annoying even if you don’t have an allergy. Since it generates discomfort and will distract the attention of your employees. They will feel that you are not interested in keeping their work area clean, a fact that will cause your workers to take a bad impression of you.

2–Not emptying the bins will cause bad odors and infections

Not only do we dispose of office supplies in the bins. Employees can also throw away fruit or food scraps, used tissues, medicine containers, and so forth. This will cause the existence of bad odors (and therefore insects) that will disturb the work environment. Also prevent workers from carrying out their tasks correctly, besides risking catching a disease (for example because of the presence of viruses and bacteria in used handkerchiefs). All office cleaning procedures must take this into account.

3- Dirty bathrooms will alter the mood of your employees

Any office cleaning program must consider this aspect as a priority. Keep in mind that dirty bathrooms are a very important source of infection. A neglected bathroom has bad smells and dirt. This will cause your employees to get upset (rightly so) and not work comfortably. They will feel that you do not care at all about them.  Their image will be in the dust and their productivity will also be diminished. Since it is possible that their workers decide to go to the services of the nearby bars.  To avoid the dirty bathroom of their office and which will cause them to lose time from their working day due to commuting.

4- Dirty carpets and rugs make staff uncomfortable

Carpets and rugs require special care that any office cleaning agency knows how to carry out. It is common for carpets and rugs to get dirty over time (coffee stains, food stains, dust, adhered dirt from the soles of shoes…) and they are a major source of mites, which is why they should be cleaned and disinfected from time to time Otherwise, your employees will feel that they work in a dirty place and this will affect their mood and the way they work.

5- Dirty common areas are a red alert

If some factors mentioned above were already serious, add to this the neglect and poor cleaning of common areas such as the kitchen or other common areas. Nobody wants to eat in a dirty kitchen, full of stains, bad smells, and a shortage of cutlery. Mealtime is vital for your employees, as it is a time of rest that serves to recharge energy. Having a dirty and abandoned kitchen can cause a barrage of complaints and discomfort so high that it can motivate your employees to look for other work centers, and you don’t want that, do you? Especially in Brisbane, ​​where there is a high demand for office jobs. If you want to avoid these situations, the best thing you can do is hire an office cleaning service in Brisbane.

Keep your office clean with SCS Group Integrated Services 

We are a professional cleaning services company with over 15 years of experience in office cleaning and other sectors. We carry out interior and exterior cleaning in many areas and businesses (hotels, gyms, schools, neighborhood communities, health centers, among others) throughout the city of Brisbane. It doesn’t matter if your office is in Melbourne. SCS Group Integrated Services will go where necessary to carry out the cleaning of your office in Brisbane.



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