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Things You Should Know About Empirical Research: Examples, Types And Importance

The research based on self-observation through experimental evidence of the researcher is known as Empirical Research. Direct or indirect methods can use to perform this research. The main purpose of this method is to gain knowledge of the required research. In other words, a study is empirical when it involves truth-based evidence in examining its declarations. Empirical research can be qualitative or quantitative. The literal meaning of empirical is to observe derived from the Greek term empeirikos meaning experience. In the contemporary world, this research is more authentic and considerable in the way that it was carried out through real-life experience.

The main aim of this research is the development of knowledge in any field under examination. A researcher collects data from different sources and examines it under self-observation. The observation can base on prior knowledge of the researcher. In other words, the following research is experience-based, for example, the DNA test is based on experimental testing not theory.

The question arises here, isn’t every research empirical? Research is qualitative or quantitative in nature. It depends on self-assertion and experience. The purpose of this research is to gain knowledge and to provide authentic information to the audience. The researcher advances the information he has gathered, supports his argument, draws his conclusion, and waits for the decision.

Example of Empirical Research

During exams which is better to stay focused Tea or Coffee? Although coffee contains a high percentage of caffeine which is harmful in many ways. On the other hand, tea helps to stay focused and is less harmful. But it also depends on the suitability of an individual 40% of students prefer coffee to stay awake during exams other 40% prefer tea and the remaining 20% don’t like either coffee or tea. I myself tried coffee but tea works well for me. After evaluating the basic self-observed knowledge taking tea is less harmful and activates the mind to focus more.

Empirical research analyzes, record, and observe the data in a qualitative or quantitative research method. Every research comes with different challenges with respect to existing knowledge. This research has recorded experience results.

Types of Empirical Research

As explained earlier, empirical research is conducted in qualitative and quantitative methods. A researcher conducts research under different paradigms, including facts, experiments, techniques, and scientific methods.

Quantitative Research Method

Quantitative research methods can use to gather data through mathematical information, some of the usually utilized strategies are questionnaires, surveys, longitudinal investigations, online polls, and so on. The results can be numerical.

Surveys are the collection of data from a large group of audience. Surveys can be online and face-to-face. This is a very common method to collect different opinions in all kinds of research. Previously, surveys used to be costly and time-taking with the changing time and the advancement in technologies surveys are easier and less expensive.

A longitudinal study utilizes to understand the characteristics or conduct of a subject under perception after testing the subject more than once over a specific timeframe. Data gathered using this technique can be qualitative or quantitative in nature.

Comparative research conducts to compare and contrast different research to check the cause-effect between variables. The results are comparison based. Therefore, sometimes getting dissertation help online becomes important.

Qualitative Research Method

When quantitative methods are not applicable, we can use the qualitative method. Qualitative research methods gather non-numerical data. It is used to determine the fundamental reasons, and perspectives. It collects data through famous methods such as interviews, experiments, observational methods, focus groups, case studies, etc.

They conduct interviews to observe the different views of people. This method is commonly applicable in social sciences and Humanities studies. One-on-one interviews are purely qualitative methods and are commonly used in social sciences.

An observational method collects data by recording what we have heard, seen, experienced, and encountered in the specific domain. But this method is time-consuming and involves biased opinions.

The focused groups are able to ask questions to the audience and then generate discussion through the question asked. This method is usually used by companies to collect reviews about their brand products. We use this method when a researcher wants the answers to how, when, and what, through group interviews or collective conversations.

The case study method helps to collect more information on the existing case. This method can help in the research of criminal records or some murder cases. The purpose is to investigate a problem related to any course.

Importance of Empirical Research

There is a need for Empirical Research in every domain because in this contemporary world people believe in self-observation or what they see, hear or experience. We also believe in logical reasoning. It approves different theories, increases human information, and keep doing it to continue to progress in different fields.

For example: Some drug companies try and test their specific drugs on rats to find out their effect under observation.

Empirical research is to authenticate any research through various experiments. It makes the research more authentic and competent in any field. It can help to maintain internal validity. But this research is time-consuming and a researcher needs to be patient. Collecting data from different sources and analysing them is a tough job.

A couple of times a researcher needs to work in different domains in different, environments, and surroundings can be expensive. Most of the time a researcher needs permission from higher authorities to continue his research here researcher. Furthermore, he can face difficult situations and can be pressurize at times.


Empirical research is observational, and the results came from real-life experiences. At the present time, this research is more authentic and applicable. It utilizes to approve different hypotheses and increase human information and continue to progress in different fields. This piece of research is important and applicable at any level of study. The researcher should maintain a step-by-step evaluation process in order to avoid any obstacles. In Empirical research, a researcher must create a report of his findings. This research includes different methods to make it more genuine.

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